What is the Best Cruise Insurance?

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Travel insurance can cover a variety of different trips, from simple family visits to elaborate resort vacations or cruises. While most policies are not specific to one type of vacation, certain providers do offer cruise insurance plans built to meet the specific needs of cruisers.

When comparing plans, try to identify which coverage benefits are most important for this trip, in other words, what could go wrong and needs to be covered. With cruises, there are several coverage benefits that become more important. These are the benefits to look for that will help you find the best cruise insurance.

Medical Evacuation: An evacuation from a cruise ship can be one of the most expensive claims. Most ships will have medical staff on board, but if there is an emergency, transportation to a nearby facility on land can be costly. It is wise to find a plan with at least $100,000 per person of coverage to protect against the worst case scenario.

Trip Cancellation / Interruption: Cruises are not always cheap and rarely is the investment refundable. If for a covered reason the trip is cancelled before it begins, or interrupted after departure, then the unused trip costs can be reimbursed in a claim. Most commonly, this is a sickness, injury or death of a traveler or family member back home.

Missed Connection: When the travelers are delayed by a common carrier, such as an airline or cruise line, and arrive late at the port-of-call, this coverage is very helpful. The traveler can be reimbursed for the additional transportation expenses to catch up to the ship at the next port.

Hurricane & Weather: This is commonly a covered reason under trip cancellation and trip interruption. Though coverage varies, cruisers benefit most by the following benefit language: complete cessation of common carrier, mandatory evacuation, inclement weather and hurricane warning. These scenarios are most likely to impact a cruise.

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