What should I do if I get sick with Norovirus on a cruise?

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Short Answer

If you contract Norovirus while on a cruise, seek medical attention from the onboard doctor and contact your travel insurance provider’s 24 Hour Emergency Assistance number as soon as reasonably possible.

More Detail

Experiencing an unexpected illness while on a cruise can be covered under the Emergency Medical, Trip Interruption and Medical Evacuation benefits.

Emergency Medical can reimburse you for the cost of medical treatment for Norovirus, while Medical Evacuation can reimburse the cost of transportation if you need to be medically transported in order to receive care.

Trip Interruption provides reimbursement for missed parts of your trip, as well as transportation to return home, due to Norovirus. However, you must be able to provide documentation showing that you were treated for Norovirus while on the cruise, and that you either could not participate in a portion of your trip or needed to return home early.