4 Spring Break Travel Trends

4 Spring Break Travel Trends

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New data suggests that this upcoming spring break season will be both busy and expensive. Travel insurance marketplace Squaremouth.com reveals four new travel trends to expect during spring break 2023.

Spring Break Travel Getting More Expensive

The average insured trip cost for the spring break period has increased 3.4%, from $5,420.81 in 2022 to $5,606.05 in 2023.

The average amount spring break travelers are spending on insurance also increased by 6.9%, from $353.69 per policy in 2022 to $378.05 in 2023.

The most expensive spring break destinations this year are:

  • Antarctica: $12,216.27
  • Tanzania: $11,600.83
  • Ecuador: $10,914.51
  • Peru: $9,682.17
  • South Africa: $8,879.17
  • *Average trip cost being insured for spring break trips via Squaremouth.com.

Families Favor Caribbean Islands, Spending More

Traveler data indicates the most popular destinations for families this spring break are Turks and Caicos, British Virgin Islands, and Cayman Islands.

The average trip costs for these spring break destinations increased 29% since last year, from $5,460.50 in 2022 to $7,038.74 in 2023.

DestinationAvg Trip Cost 2023Avg Trip Cost 2022
Turks and Caicos$8,331.33$5,583.79
British Virgin Islands$8,102.95$6,192.03
Cayman Islands$4,725.35$3,738.92

*Family destinations ranked by number of travelers per policy for spring break trips via Squaremouth.com

Distant Destinations Becoming More Popular in 2023

A handful of destinations are seeing significant increase in travelers year over year. The top five destinations seeing the most increase in bookings via squaremouth.com during the spring break travel period are:

  • New Zealand (+2,556%)
  • Vietnam (+1,875%)
  • Japan (+537%)
  • Indonesia (+368%)
  • Antarctica (+258%)

Israel Returns As Popular Spring Break Destination

Israel is among the top five destinations for insured travel for the first time since 2019. Compared to 2022 data, Israel has seen a 119% increase in sales on squaremouth.com.

Methodology: To uncover spring break travel trends, Squaremouth analyzed travel insurance policy sales for trips insured before February 19, with travel dates between February 24 and April 16 of 2022 and 2023.

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