Airline Disruptions Highlight Travel Insurance Demand

Airline Disruptions Highlight Travel Insurance Demand

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. November 2, 2021 — Over the last month, both American and Southwest Airlines have canceled thousands of flights for reasons including weather and staff shortages. With travelers already facing additional challenges brought on by Covid-19, these sudden flight cancellations highlight the need for travelers to prepare for travel disruptions.

According to travel insurance comparison site,, 70% more travelers are insured for trips this holiday season over 2019. Ahead of the busy season, Squaremouth explains how travel insurance can help if your airline leaves you stranded.

Coverage for Rebooking Costs

Many travel insurance policies include coverage for travelers whose flights are delayed or canceled by their travel supplier. Typically, this can include reimbursement for the additional transportation costs required to help the traveler continue their trip as planned.

Benefits During a Delay

When a traveler’s flight is unexpectedly delayed or canceled by their airline, most policies can provide benefits during their delay, including covering the cost of food, accommodations, and local transportation. This coverage is triggered after a specified length of time, at least 3 hours.

Reimbursement for Missed Expenses

In addition to reimbursing for additional transportation and delay expenses, travel insurance policies can reimburse travelers for the portion of their trip that was missed during the flight delay or cancellation. This can include the cost of lodging, transportation, and excursions – among other non-refundable trip expenses – that were missed.

Know the Fine Print

While this type of coverage is common, the specifics vary by policy. The most lenient policies provide these benefits for “any delay of a common carrier”, while others specify the cause of the delay.

Travelers who are looking for this type of coverage should understand their policy’s language and may want to opt for the least restrictive policy language.

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