Computer Failures and Flying, Squaremouth Explains What Travel Insurance Covers

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL September 17, 2015 – American Airlines was forced to ground flights departing from Chicago, Dallas and Miami on Thursday due to widespread computer failures. This is the most recent in a series of computer issues impacting travelers. Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, explains the travel insurance coverage available when technical glitches affect travelers.

Generally, travelers who are stalled by their airline for at least three hours can be reimbursed for the cost of food and lodging during their wait. This falls under the Travel Delay benefit, which typically doesn’t exclude any specific causes of the delay. Travelers who miss a connecting flight due to the delay may also be reimbursed for the travel expenses to catch up to their trip.

However, travelers who miss major parts of their trip, or who are forced to cancel their trip altogether, may not be as lucky.

Most travel insurance policies with the Trip Cancellation and Interruption benefit offer coverage for “mechanical breakdown” of a common carrier. However “mechanical breakdown” typically only applies to the aircraft the insured is scheduled to fly on, not the control tower or any related computer systems.

Thursday’s computer failure was a stark reminder of other recent computer-caused cancellations, including 1,400 travelers who were grounded when hackers interfered with their flight’s computer systems.

“Travel insurance is very specific with its coverage and exclusions,” explains Squaremouth Vice President Bill Dismore. “Unfortunately, coverage for mechanical failure does not extend beyond the aircraft itself.”

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