Covid-19 Tests and Travel Insurance: What Is and Isn’t Covered

Covid-19 Tests and Travel Insurance: What Is and Isn’t Covered

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. Jan. 6, 2022 — A rise in Covid cases has led to a shortage in testing supplies and delays in results internationally. While the majority of countries have remained open to US tourists, entry rules surrounding testing guidelines continue to change to combat the surge.

The logistics of securing an approved Covid-19 test, coupled with stricter testing regulations and timelines can disrupt even the best-planned trip.

When it comes to travel insurance coverage, not all testing concerns are equal. Squaremouth explains when travel insurance can help, and when it can’t.

Can’t Get Test / No Test Result in Time

Standard Trip Cancellation policies do not cover canceling a trip due to being unable to receive a Covid-19 test or timely results.

Even the more lenient, Cancel For Any Reason upgrade, may not be adequate. Cancel For Any Reason requires trips to be canceled at least 48 hours in advance, meaning it wouldn’t cover any last minute cancellations related to a Covid-19 test.

Canceling Due to Inconvenience

New testing requirements may pose an inconvenience to travelers.

While canceling due to the inconvenience of a test isn’t covered under a standard Trip Cancellation policy, it may be covered under Cancel For Any Reason.

Test Method Not Adequate

Most destinations and airlines have specific tests that are acceptable, often excluding at-home tests.

Being turned away for having an unapproved test result isn’t covered under a standard travel insurance policy, and may also fall outside of Cancel For Any Reason coverage depending on when the trip is canceled.

Test Positive Abroad

According to Squaremouth, more travelers are concerned about Covid-19 preventing their return, than canceling their trip.

Contracting Covid-19 is covered under most travel insurance policies. Travelers who test positive can be eligible for reimbursement for both medical costs and travel and lodging expenses brought on by an unplanned quarantine.

Test Positive Prior to Departure

Canceling due to contracting Covid-19 is also commonly covered under most Trip Cancellation policies. This can often extend to traveling companions and non-traveling family members who test positive.


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For more information about coverage related to Covid-19, view Squaremouth’s Covid-19 Travel Insurance resource.

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