Four Tips Travelers Need to Know Before Filing a Cancel for Any Reason Claim

Four Tips Travelers Need to Know Before Filing a Cancel for Any Reason Claim

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. June 25, 2020 — In response to the unpredictable state of travel, Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance policies are in high demand, with a 415% increase in purchases, according to travel insurance comparison site 

Before spending the additional 40-50% it costs to acquire this extensive coverage, shares four tips travelers should know prior to filing a Cancel for Any Reason claim. 

Accepting Vouchers or Credits Can Affect Claim Amount

Many travel suppliers are offering credits or vouchers to travelers impacted by COVID-19. Once a traveler accepts a credit or voucher, they can no longer claim that amount on their travel insurance. However, if they only receive a partial credit for their trip or have outstanding expenses, they can claim for the remaining amount. 

Keep Booking Documentation

Despite Cancel for Any Reason’s lenient coverage, documentation will still be required when filing a claim. Since this upgrade is time-sensitive and typically requires that travelers insure 100% of their trip cost, documentation that shows the date the trip was booked and the total cost of the trip will be necessary.

Don’t Cancel Last Minute

Trips protected with Cancel for Any Reason coverage must be canceled 2-3 days prior to departure. If a traveler waits and cancels their trip last minute, they may not be eligible for any refund under the Cancel for Any Reason benefit.

Don’t Expect a Full Refund

While Cancel for Any Reason policies give travelers the ability to cancel their trip for reasons not covered by a standard policy, they will only provide a 75% refund of the insured trip cost. 

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