In a New World of Travel Refunds, Why Buy Travel Insurance?

In a New World of Travel Refunds, Why Buy Travel Insurance?

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. April 2, 2020  — In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, airlines, hotels and cruise lines are offering an unprecedented amount of refunds to travelers unable to travel as planned. 

With travelers questioning if they really need to insure future trips, travel insurance comparison site,, explains how travelers whose trips may be refunded can choose to save up to 80% by purchasing a policy without trip cancellation coverage. 

Majority of the Benefits at a Fraction of the Cost 

While many travelers purchase travel insurance specifically for cancellation coverage, it is only one of many benefits available. Travelers whose trip costs can be refunded by their supplier can opt out of trip cancellation coverage, and still be covered by the majority of benefits, including emergency medical, medical evacuation, travel delay and baggage delay. 

Travel insurance policies are sold as a comprehensive package of benefits and travelers typically do not have the option to remove benefits in order to pay a lower price. The one exception to this is trip cancellation coverage. Travelers can choose to decline that benefit and save money, as the average cancellation style policy costs 4 times more than a policy that does not include coverage to cancel a trip. 

Travelers can search for inexpensive policies without trip cancellation coverage on here

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