ITIJ, Jan 29, 2021 – US Travelers More Prepared for Travel Due to Pandemic

ITIJ, Jan 29, 2021 – US Travelers More Prepared for Travel Due to Pandemic

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Following the CDC announcement requiring all US citizens to receive a negative Covid-19 test prior to re-entry, US travellers still have a willingness to travel internationally with insurance to back them up

A report by travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth showed that US travellers are taking additional steps to prepare rather than cancelling travel altogether. More than 70 per cent of bookings since the CDC announcement are still for international destinations.

“We expected to see an immediate shift to domestic travel and a drop in international bookings, due to the added complication of co-ordinating a Covid test abroad, but that hasn’t been the case,” said Squaremouth CMO, Megan Moncrief.

US travellers are insuring their trips

Travellers are insuring and spending more on cancellation coverage for international trips:

  • Travellers are insuring about US$1,000 more per trip
  • There has been a 42-per-cent spike in cancel for any reason (CFAR) policy purchases
  • Travellers are spending 31-per-cent more on insurance

With a price tag 40-per-cent higher than a standard cancellation policy, the CFAR benefit allows travellers to cancel their trip for a reason not otherwise covered by their policy and receive a partial refund.

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