New Study Shows Rise in Traveler Spending

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Squaremouth polled more than 4,000 customers regarding their travel spending habits to identify real-time trends about our customer base. The survey was sent to all Squaremouth customers between 8/29/2023 and 9/10/2023.

  1. How does the cost of your trip compare to what you normally spend on a trip?
    • More than usual (45.95%)
    • Less than usual (11.82%)
    • About the same (42.23%)
  2. If you are spending more on your trip, what is the main reason?
    • The general cost of travel has increased (31.34%)
    • I am taking a bucket list trip (34.91%)
    • I am traveling to an expensive destination (18.73%)
    • I am traveling for an extended period of time (15.02%)
  3. Do you anticipate spending more or less on travel in 2024 compared to 2023?
    • I anticipate spending more on travel next year (43.63%)
    • I anticipate spending less on travel next year (18.33%)
    • I anticipate spending a similar amount on travel next year (38.04%)