Three Things Travelers Should Know About COVID-19 Testing and Travel Insurance

Three Things Travelers Should Know About COVID-19 Testing and Travel Insurance

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. October 15, 2020 —Some airlines and airports now offer rapid COVID-19 testing to accommodate travelers required to show a negative test at their destination.

But what happens if a traveler tests positive before a trip? Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, breaks down three things travelers need to know about COVID-19 testing and travel insurance.

Not All Policies Include Cancellation Coverage for Contracting Coronavirus 

Select travel insurance policies include trip cancellation coverage in the event a traveler, or their family, contracts coronavirus before departure and cannot travel. This benefit can reimburse travelers who must cancel their trip. 

As of October 15th, there are 38 policies available on that include this cancellation coverage. 

Positive COVID-19 Test Result May Not Immediately Trigger Cancellation Benefits

Many travel insurance policies require documentation from a doctor advising against travel in order for benefits to apply. In this case, a positive coronavirus test result alone may not be enough to trigger coverage. 

Travelers that test positive should contact a doctor as soon as possible, prior to canceling their trip. The doctor can provide documentation that will be required when travelers file a claim. 

Cost of COVID-19 Testing Not an Insurable Expense 

Most travel insurance policies will not cover the cost of COVID-19 testing before departure, even if their destination requires a negative COVID-19 test result for entry.        

If a traveler is medically required to take a COVID-19 test while traveling, this cost may be reimbursed depending on the policy.   


For regularly updated information about Covid-19 and travel insurance, please visit our Covid-19 travel insurance information hub.

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