Squaremouth.com Named “Cool Office Space”

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL May 23, 2012 – When you think about travel insurance, beer kegs, glass walls, and pool tables probably don’t come to mind. However, travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth.com incorporates all of these ingredients to create a unique culture and modern workplace which has led to its title of “Cool Office Space.”

The distinction, given by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, recognizes businesses that have made office design an innovative part of their workplace. The Squaremouth office features an open floor plan, glass walls, exposed ductwork and 180-degree views of Tampa Bay.

Headquartered in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, Squaremouth designed its 3,300 square foot office from the ground up into a modern, open workspace with innovation and efficiency in mind.

“There is a direct correlation between our office design and our company philosophy. Everything is in our office for a reason,” says Squaremouth CEO Chris Harvey.

The wide open space boosts creativity. Squaremouth employees are encouraged to roam the office by sitting at a different desk each day or relaxing on one of the bright green suede couches. Instead of a conference room, employees gather in colorful, comfortable chairs arranged in a circle, dubbed the “Circle of Love.”

“Working from a new spot each day promotes constant change, prevents boredom and helps our employees generate fresh ideas,” explains Squaremouth Marketing Manager Anna Coats.

In addition to its forward thinking, Squaremouth promotes a minimalist attitude. Desks are clutter-free without telephones, office supplies or even trash cans. As a paper-free office, employees use their iPads to take notes and keep documents in an online database instead of a file cabinet.

To promote a relaxed environment, Squaremouth employees can wear anything to work, though most walk around barefoot. During working hours, they can play snooker, similar to pool, have a drink from one of two beer kegs or eat lunch on the office’s 12th floor outdoor balcony with amazing water views. Speakers are placed throughout the office and employees can control the music through an app.

According to its CEO, Squaremouth’s “coolness” was designed to create happy, driven employees, who in turn are more productive and provide the high-level of customer service that Squaremouth’s clients have come to expect.

“We want Squaremouth to be the most incredible company anyone has ever bought from. To achieve that, Squaremouth has to be most incredible place anyone has ever worked at,” explains Harvey. “Squaremouth can’t create that atmosphere having its employees work from  cubicles.”

Squaremouth credits its skyrocketing growth of 566 percent in the last 5 years to its company environment. It was named the 6th Best Place to Work in Tampa Bay last month and the 9th Fastest-Growing Company in Tampa Bay in 2011, also by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

“Our success stems from a company core value, that we believe in earning our customers’ business. If they have a incredible experience with Squaremouth during their first travel insurance purchase, they will continue to come back for future purchases,” says Harvey.

About Squaremouth
Squaremouth is America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, helping customers instantly quote, compare and buy policies from every major carrier. Squaremouth has web sites in the US and UK, and an extensive network of partner sites worldwide. The company is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL., with offices in Fort Wayne, IN. Visit Squaremouth.com or Squaremouth.co.uk.

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