Why Vaccinated Travelers Should Still Buy Travel Insurance

Why Vaccinated Travelers Should Still Buy Travel Insurance

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. June 15, 2021 — Most travelers who had trips impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic weren’t forced to cancel their trips due to contracting the virus, according to travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth.

Less than 30% of the Covid-related claims the company saw were due to travelers contracting the virus.

The other 70% were from travelers unable to reach their destination, or leave their residence, due to other factors related to the pandemic, including border closures, quarantine requirements, and canceled flights and cruises.

Despite the widespread vaccine rollout, these types of travel interruptions are still happening.

Squaremouth reports hearing from travelers who are still facing lasting impacts of the pandemic, including flight changes and cancellations, rental car shortages, and vaccine and Covid testing requirements.

Furthermore, new variants of the coronavirus mean the travel industry is not out of the woods yet. The uncertainty around the effectiveness of vaccines on these strands may cause borders to remain closed, and destinations to continue to enforce restrictions, like negative test results and enforced quarantines at the destination.

“The Covid-19 pandemic proved the vulnerability of the travel industry, and it hasn’t recovered yet,” says Squaremouth CMO, Megan Moncrief, “We are still hearing from travelers whose trips are impacted.”

For the types of impacts travelers have been facing throughout the pandemic, Squaremouth recommends a Cancel For Any Reason insurance policy. While the company is typically slow to recommend this upgrade, it provides travelers with the biggest blanket of coverage, including the Covid-related impacts travelers face today.

Data on travel trends since the vaccine rollout: https://www.squaremouth.com/press-room/covid-19-vaccine-changing-traveler-behavior

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