A Quick & Easy Guide to AAA Travel Insurance

A Quick & Easy Guide to AAA Travel Insurance

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American Automobile Association — commonly called AAA or Triple A — is probably best known as the organization that provides roadside assistance to its members. However, their members also benefit from AAA’s long standing partnership with Allianz Global Assistance, a leading travel insurance provider

The good news? You don’t have to be a member to get trip coverage from Triple A, so let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from AAA travel insurance.

What Does Travel Insurance from AAA Cover?

AAA trip insurance coverage options can vary depending on your location and travel destination. The plan you choose also influences what coverage is available. That said, travel insurance from AAA often includes coverage for:

Additionally, AAA travel insurance policies also provide 24-hour assistance to help you with emergencies, ranging from lost passports to ongoing medical monitoring.

Members will also enjoy travel benefits through AAA. These may include:

  • Discounts on car rentals and hotels
  • Special vacation packages
  • A reloadable, prepared credit card
  • Assistance with visas, passport photos, and international driving permits

What’s Not Covered by AAA Travel Insurance?

AAA trip insurance policies, like most insurance policies, may exclude coverage for certain perils. For example, your injury likely won’t be covered if it occurred while taking part in criminal or high-risk activities. Intoxication and drug use might also curtail your coverage.

Moreover, your policy may not cover cancellations for some events. This often includes events that were public knowledge when you booked your trip, so check the Coverage Alerts page before you purchase travel insurance from AAA.

Finally, AAA travel insurance only covers named insured — that is, individuals specifically mentioned in the plan. That means your family members or travel companions are only covered if you name them in your policy.

Coverage details can vary, so be sure to review your policy documents before you leave for your trip.

AAA Trip Insurance Plans

AAA offers single-trip insurance plans that depend on your state of residence and destination. Requesting a quote generally returns three plan levels with various coverage options and premiums: TripProtect Deluxe II, TripProtect Select II, and TripProtect Cancel Anytime.

Each of these plans included coverage for:

  • Lost document fees.
  • Flight changes for covered events.
  • Changes to or a missed port of call.
  • Required vaccinations.
  • Trip cancellations, delays, or interruptions.
  • Emergency medical and dental care.
  • Baggage.
  • Emergency transportation.

None of the travel plans covered rental cars, but AAA does offer an add-on to cover that cost if your trip is interrupted as well as the cost of damage or theft of your rental car.

TripProtect Deluxes has the highest coverage limits. However, the TripProtect Cancel Anytime plan is a cancel for any reason policy, which may be attractive for some trip planners.

How to Get AAA Trip Insurance Quotes

Getting a quote from AAA for travel insurance is easy. You simply go to the AAA’s travel insurance page and click the “Get your quote now” button. From there, you enter your state of residence, total trip cost, destination, departure and return dates, initial deposit date, and the ages of every traveler. Once you do this, you’ll receive information about the available plans. Be sure to click the View Plan Comparison button. This will give you a side-by-side comparison coveages and amounts.

How Much Does AAA Travel Insurance Cost?

Your travel insurance premium depends on the cost of your trip and the plan you choose. To give you an idea of what travel insurance from AAA might cost, we plugged in information for a 7-day, $12,000 trip for one traveler leaving from Illinois. Prices ranged between $505 for the TripProtect Select II plan to $704 for the TripProtect Cancel Anytime plan.

The prices for the same trip for a family of three were between $377 and $534.

Frequently Asked Questions About AAA Trip Insurance

Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about travel insurance from AAA.

Does AAA Offer Overseas Travel Insurance?

AAA offers coverage for both domestic and international travel. Cancel for any reason trip insurance may be more difficult or even unavailable or some overseas travel.

Does AAA Cover Flight Cancellation?

AAA can cover flight delays and cancellations. How and when these events are covered depend on your specific policy, but travel insurance from AAA often reimburses you for meals, transportation, and accommodations if a covered event delays your flight for a minimum number of consecutive hours.

Is Allianz Part of AAA?

Allianz has been a travel insurance partner of AAA for over 30 years. The insurer holds an A+ rating from AM Best and has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 1991.

Is AAA Travel Insurance Worth It?

Travel insurance is almost always worth the cost, if only because it brings you peace of mind that your vacation is protected should something go wrong. But is travel insurance from AAA worth it? That depends on your particular situation.The best way to decide if travel insurance from AAA is the right coverage for you is to compare policies.

Get quotes from several trip insurance providers, and take a good look at the coverage and cost. When you find the policy that gives you the protection you need at a premium you can afford, you’ve found the right one.

Written by Virginia Hamill