Can You Book Travel Insurance Last Minute?

Can You Book Travel Insurance Last Minute?

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Buying travel insurance is an important step in safeguarding your trip and protecting yourself against unforeseen circumstances. But what if you’ve procrastinated or forgotten to purchase travel insurance until the last minute?

In this article, we’ll explore whether it’s possible to book travel insurance at the eleventh hour and discuss some important considerations for obtaining coverage when time is running out.

Last Minute Travel Insurance, Is It Possible?

In short, yes. Most travel insurance providers allow travelers to purchase policies up until the day before their departure date.

Considerations When Buying Last Minute Travel Insurance

Unless you’re strictly buying a travel medical insurance policy, it’s always recommended to purchase single trip travel insurance as early as possible. Buying a policy right after making an initial trip payment will maximize your coverage and increase the chances of being eligible for time-sensitive benefits. 

If you’re unable to buy a policy early, here are some items to consider when purchasing a plan right before you travel:

Coverage Start Date

While you can purchase travel insurance at the last minute, it’s important to be aware of the coverage start date. Most policies found on Squaremouth go into effect at midnight the day after they’re purchased. Ensure you understand when the coverage will begin and any specific conditions associated with the waiting period.

Limited Policy Options

Purchasing travel insurance at the last minute will likely limit the number of policies you have to choose from. The policies that are available may only offer basic plans or exclude certain benefits or add-ons.

Coverage Eligibility

Waiting until the last second to buy travel insurance may impact your eligibility for certain benefits or add-ons. This can include pre-departure benefits, like Trip Cancellation, and time-sensitive policy upgrades like Cancel For Any Reason and Pre-Existing Condition coverage.

Can You Buy Travel Insurance After Departing for a Trip?

If you are unable to purchase a policy before you leave for a trip, you may still be in luck. While most travel insurance policies require you to purchase coverage before departing on your trip, there may be certain types of travel insurance that can be purchased after departure. 

Since Squaremouth does not offer policies that are available for travelers once they have departed, you will need to contact an insurance provider directly to get coverage. Some insurance companies may be able to provide Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation coverage for the remainder of your trip. While your options may be limited, some providers may still offer comprehensive coverage that includes Trip Interruption coverage, baggage protection, and coverage for your return trip home.

Tips for Finding the Best Last Minute Insurance Policy

Even when your window to purchase a policy is coming to a close, it’s still important that you take time to find the best policy at the best possible price. While purchasing a policy at the last minute is possible, it’s still important you take the time to consider your options to find the best policy at the best price. 

If you’re currently trying to find a travel insurance policy and time is not on your side, consider reviewing our list of helpful tips on how to find a travel insurance policy.