Does Travel Insurance Cover Scuba Diving? Squaremouth Explains

Does Travel Insurance Cover Scuba Diving? Squaremouth Explains

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The growing popularity of adventure travel has sparked many travelers to search for specific travel insurance policies tailored to their active trips. Scuba diving has been one the activities gaining the most traction amongst active travelers.

Does travel insurance cover scuba diving?

Many travel insurance policies can cover the most common water sports, such as jet skiing and snorkeling. Due to the increased risk, it is less common for policies to cover scuba. However, there are some policies tailored to the most adventurous travelers, and can provide coverage for a more extensive list of activities.

Travel insurance policies with the Sports & Activities filter allow travelers to denote which specific activities they plan to participate in. Scuba diving is one of these activities. A policy with this coverage can extend all relevant benefits to a traveler in the event something occurs while they are diving, including Emergency Medical, Medical Evacuation, and Trip Interruption.

Are there limitations to scuba diving travel insurance?

Even if the travel insurance policy you purchase can cover scuba diving, there may still be limitations to watch for. Some policies may require you to be certified, and accompanied by a dive master. Additionally, there may be depth limitations that you cannot exceed.

If you do not meet these requirements, any applicable benefits will be nullified, and you will not have any coverage in the event of a scuba diving-related emergency.

To search for travel insurance for scuba diving, travelers can use Squaremouth’s Adventure Travel Insurance activity selection matrix.