What is ‘hospital of choice’?

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Short Answer

A policy that includes “Hospital of Choice” allows you to choose where you will be medically evacuated. 

More Detail

Most travel insurance policies only cover a Medical Evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility to receive treatment. If the treating physician determines that you need to be sent elsewhere, or return home, Medical Evacuation could then cover those costs.

Hospital of Choice benefits are offered by Air Ambulance Card and Medjet Assist. These are evacuation-only products that offer no other coverage. While these policies include some restrictions, if you are hospitalized as an inpatient, you can decide to be evacuated to a hospital of your choosing.

It is important to note that the Medical Evacuation benefits within these policies are only effective after a traveler has been initially hospitalized.

This information can vary based on the travel insurance policy. Please review the policy certificate to verify coverage. If you have questions about a specific policy, please contact us directly at 800-240-0369. Our customer service representatives are available from 8am to 10pm ET seven days a week and are delighted to help!