Expert Travel Tips Ahead of a Busy Holiday Season

Expert Travel Tips Ahead of a Busy Holiday Season

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., December 12, 2023 — With one of the year’s busiest travel periods on the horizon, airlines, airports, and passengers are bracing themselves for a hectic holiday season. 

Historically, holiday travel has been synonymous with delays and cancellations. With more of the same expected over the next few weeks, Squaremouth, the nation’s leading travel insurance marketplace, shares their top tips for travelers flying over the next few weeks. 

Plan For Delays 

Delays are an all too familiar aspect of travel nowadays. Roughly 25% of all paid travel insurance claims in 2023 have been related to delays and missed connections. If last year’s festive season taught us anything, that number could rise dramatically during the holidays. 

Travelers with trips this holiday season should protect themselves with Travel Delay coverage. To find the best Travel Delay coverage, search for a policy that kicks in after a 3-hour delay and covers any delay of a common carrier. 

Arrive Early

This holiday travel season is expected to be the busiest ever. Travelers across the country can expect big crowds, long lines, and high stress in the upcoming weeks. Even travelers who have Travel Delay coverage need to plan ahead. 

While most plans cover travel delays, this generally only applies to flight-related delays. Travelers who miss a flight due to traffic on their way to the airport, long TSA lines, or late check-in will not have coverage through their travel insurance.

Protect Your Luggage

Many travelers who are taking trips this holiday season will be packing more than just clothes and toiletries. If you’re planning on taking gifts with you in a checked bag, make sure your luggage is secure and protected. Travelers should consider purchasing trip protection that covers personal belongings in the event they are lost, delayed, or damaged during transit. 

Stay Organized

When traveling, especially during times when disruptions are more likely to occur, be sure to keep your documents in order. If you need to file a claim for reimbursement – whether it’s through travel insurance, your credit card, or your airline – you will need to provide proof of loss. 

Squaremouth recommends keeping the following documents handy ahead of your holiday trip to help you recoup any losses: 

  • Travel itinerary
  • All receipts for flights, accommodations, and luggage items
  • Flight information and updates/communication from the airline
  • Travel insurance provider details and Emergency Assistance contact information

Squaremouth’s Travel Insurance Claims Center explains more about what travelers can claim through travel insurance, and what to expect throughout the claims process.

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