Travel Update: COVID Coverage at All-Time High

Travel Update: COVID Coverage at All-Time High

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Data from Squaremouth reveals that COVID concerns are at an all-time high as well as travel insurance purchases for international travel. 

Along with the increase in travel insurance and international travel, Squaremouth reveals the biggest claims misconception. 

Need for COVID-19 Coverage at All-Time High

In the last 30 days, 42% of travelers searching for a travel insurance policy on have specifically indicated needing coverage related to contracting COVID-19, that includes medical, cancellation, and quarantine benefits. 

For comparison, this time last year, 33% of travelers were looking for coverage for contracting COVID-19, and in 2020, 30% of travelers indicated needing this coverage. 

Squaremouth experts correlate the increased need to the ongoing requirement for US travelers to receive a negative COVID test prior to reentry, as well as an increase in international travel. The required COVID test has created a new need for insurance to cover a mandatory quarantine if a traveler tests positive overseas. This coverage can provide reimbursement up to the policy limit for food and accommodations while the traveler waits for a negative test result to return home. 

International Travel Surpasses Pre-COVID Numbers

Even as many countries are lowering or dropping their travel insurance requirements, 91% of sales on are for international trips, which is a higher percentage than even pre-COVID (89% in 2019). This increase could be in part due to travelers wanting protection from COVID concerns coupled with a desire to take bucket list trips, or trips put on hold because of the pandemic.

As international travel surges, Philippines continues to be Squaremouth’s top destination, resulting from the country’s decision to require travel insurance

Biggest COVID Claim Misconception

Squaremouth data has also highlighted a big misconception for COVID claims. Squaremouth claim experts reveal the biggest mistake travelers are making when filing a COVID-related travel insurance claim: not having acceptable proof of contracting COVID-19 or a required quarantine.

Similar to many travel entities, travel insurance providers have specific documentation that is required to confirm a COVID-19 diagnosis. This typically includes a PCR or other professionally administered test. 

In most cases, at-home tests, or quarantining from exposure, do not trigger travel insurance benefits. If a traveler believes they have contracted COVID-19, or have been exposed, Squaremouth recommends contacting their insurance provider to understand what documentation is required to confirm the diagnosis, prior to filing a claim.

Methodology: hosts the largest number of travel insurance providers and policies that offer coverage related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Squaremouth Analytics has compared thousands of travel insurance policies purchased amid the COVID-19 pandemic to identify travel trends.