Last Updated: 04/23/2024 02:12PM ET

On February 24, 2022, Russia began an invasion of Ukraine in an escalation of the war that has been ongoing between the two countries.

Under most travel insurance policies, war – or an act of war – is a general exclusion, meaning standard Trip Cancellation coverage is likely not available. For travelers who are concerned about the situation impacting their trip to Russia, Ukraine, or surrounding countries, Squaremouth recommends a policy with the Cancel For Any Reason benefit.

The Ukraine Russia War Travel Insurance Information Center explains coverage related to the situation. This database is regularly updated by Squaremouth’s travel insurance experts with answers to frequently asked questions from our customers, official position statements from our providers, and other information as the situation develops. Information is subject to change at any time.

Questions? Squaremouth’s travel insurance experts are on hand to answer your questions about coverage. We are available from 8am to 10pm ET daily by chat and by phone at 1-800-240-0369.

War, or an act of war, is a general exclusion under most travel insurance policies. This means standard policies typically do not provide cancellation coverage.

The Cancel For Any Reason provides the most possible flexibility for travelers. Squaremouth recommends this benefit for travelers who are concerned about the impact of the war on Russia and Ukraine, as well as the potential impact on the surrounding countries.

If you have questions about how the Ukraine Russia War may impact your trip, please contact us by phone at 1-800-240-0369.

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