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  • Are domestic terrorist attacks covered by travel insurance?

    Short answer

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  • Can I cancel my trip to Orlando because of the shooting?

    You may be covered to cancel your trip to Orlando due to the June 12 terrorist attack if your travel insurance policy includes Terrorism coverage.

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  • Does travel insurance cover domestic terrorist attacks?

    Most travel insurance policies with Terrorism coverage will cover both foreign and domestic terrorist attacks.

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  • Can I still buy travel insurance for my trip to Orlando?

    You can still purchase a travel insurance policy for travel to Orlando.

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  • What if I'm afraid to travel after the Orlando terrorist attack?

    Standard travel insurance does not provide coverage to cancel your trip out of fear of traveling or fear of a potential terrorist attack.

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  • What travel insurance will allow me to cancel if I’m afraid a terrorist attack may occur?

    Only a policy that includes the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade will cover you to cancel due to fear of a potential terrorist attack.

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