Hurricane Idalia
Tropical Storm Idalia, which formed near the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, August 27th, developed into Hurricane Idalia on August 29th, 2023. The storm has moved through Cuba and is expected to make landfall in Florida as a major hurricane. Most travel insurance policies provide cancellation coverage, among other benefits, in the event a hurricane […]

Travel Insurance for Hurricane Season

During hurricane season, some of the most popular vacation destinations come with added risk. Thousands of travelers are impacted by severe weather each hurricane season. While travel is still possible, it’s highly recommended that travelers exercise increased caution and take additional measures to protect themselves before and during their trip. Squaremouth’s Hurricane Season Travel Insurance Information Center explains how travel insurance can help this hurricane season.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Hurricanes?

Most travel insurance policies include coverage for hurricanes and other severe weather scenarios under the Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits.

If your travel insurance policy includes hurricane coverage, you can be reimbursed up to 100% of the unused trip costs that you insured. This can include flights, hotels, rental cars, tours, and excursions. If a hurricane occurs during your trip, you may also be reimbursed for additional costs to purchase a return flight home in the event you need to end your trip early.

In almost all cases, eligibility for this coverage is determined by when a policy was purchased. For travelers to be covered in the event of a hurricane, they must have purchased the policy before the hurricane or storm was named.

Best Hurricane Travel Insurance Benefits to Consider

Purchasing a travel insurance policy during hurricane season is a great way to protect yourself in the event a severe storm impacts your trip. This coverage is especially relevant to those heading to destinations with a track record of hurricanes making landfall during this time of year.

For most travelers, a comprehensive trip insurance plan that includes a host of benefits would be their best bet. The best plans for hurricane season would include the following benefits:

  • Trip Cancellation: This is a pre-departure benefit that can reimburse travelers if a hurricane is reported at the destination and travel is no longer viable. This benefit can also kick in if the destination is uninhabitable.
  • Trip Interruption: This post-departure benefit can cover unused trip costs and transportation expenses if a hurricane forces a traveler to end their trip early.
  • Travel Delay: If a hurricane causes a significant delay, this benefit can cover the cost of food and lodging for travelers during the delay.
  • Missed Connection: Travelers that miss a connecting flight as a result of a delay caused by severe weather can be reimbursed any additional costs needed to catch up to their trip.
  • Cancel For Any Reason: With this benefit, travelers can cancel their trip for any uncovered reason, such as bad weather, and receive partial reimbursement for prepaid trip costs.

Traveling During Hurricane Season

The threat of hurricanes should be taken seriously when planning a trip, especially when traveling to destinations that lie within the hurricane belt. If you insist on taking a sunny vacation down south during the summer and fall, it’s important to make sure you’re financially covered in the event a hurricane disrupts your itinerary.

Plan Ahead

When booking a trip during hurricane season, it’s important to purchase a travel insurance policy as early as possible. Once a storm is named, it is no longer unexpected and can’t be covered on any policies purchased after that date.

Before departing for your trip, it’s also recommended to keep a close eye on weather alerts in and around your destination, especially if that destination is located within a hurricane belt. If weather conditions become serious, you can take appropriate action in relation to your travel insurance policy.

Have An Emergency Plan Ready

When it comes to natural disasters, travelers can only do such to protect and prepare themselves. With that said, taking time to come up with a plan can be crucial if you do encounter a hurricane or other severe weather situations during your trip.

Prior to your vacation, consider the potential risks involved with traveling during hurricane season, and what your travel group may need to do in the event of a natural disaster. This includes saving emergency phone numbers in your phone, alerting friends and family of your travel plans, and getting your group on the same page.

Squaremouth’s Hurricane Center helps travelers understand travel insurance coverage specific to storms. This resource is regularly updated with press releases, answers to FAQs and helpful videos.

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Hurricane Event Center External Resources

Most travel insurance policies have coverage for hurricanes and tropical storms, as long as you bought a policy before the storm was named. Travel insurance providers may use these resources to gather information on storms and determine whether or not a storm is covered: