Hurricane Season Travel Insurance

Thousands of travelers are impacted by severe weather each hurricane season. Travelers visiting hurricane-prone destinations should be extra cautious, especially during hurricane season. For those who prepare early enough, hurricane travel insurance can cover many of the impacts these storms can have on their trip. This resource explains how travel insurance can help this hurricane season.

Plan Ahead

It is important to get your policy early before a storm is named. Travel insurance only covers unexpected situations; once a storm is named, it is no longer unexpected and can’t be covered on any policies purchased after that date.

Cancelling or Leaving Your Trip Early When There’s a Storm

Most travel insurance policies can pay you back for your trip costs if a storm significantly impacts your ability to take your trip. This includes storms both at your destination or your home. Each policy has specific situations that trigger travel insurance coverage. Most policies require one of the following before coverage begins:

  • Your flight or cruise is delayed for at least 6-48 hours
  • Your destination or your home is severely damaged and rendered ‘uninhabitable’
  • A hurricane warning or mandatory evacuation is issued for your destination or the city you are scheduled to fly out of

Cancel For Any Reason

The fear of traveling is never covered by travel insurance. If you are worried that a storm is headed to your destination but it hasn’t yet triggered your policy’s coverage, your claim may be denied. The only option for travelers who want more freedom to cancel their trip is Cancel For Any Reason coverage. This type of policy can be more expensive but it can pay you back a portion of your trip costs without having to provide any reason for cancelling. This upgraded coverage must be purchased within 14-21 days of your initial trip booking and 100% of your trip costs must be insured.

Squaremouth’s Hurricane Center helps travelers understand travel insurance coverage specific to storms. This resource is regularly updated with press releases, answers to FAQs and helpful videos.

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Hurricane Event Center External Resources

Most travel insurance policies have coverage for hurricanes and tropical storms, as long as you bought a policy before the storm was named. Travel insurance providers may use these resources to gather information on storms and determine whether or not a storm is covered: