Will travel insurance cover me if I get sick with Norovirus on a cruise?

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Short Answer

Yes, travel insurance can cover you if you contract Norovirus on a cruise.

More Detail

Contracting Norovirus while on a cruise can be covered under the Emergency Medical, Medical Evacuation, and Trip Interruption benefits.

If you seek medical treatment for the Norovirus while on your cruise, travel insurance can cover your medical expenses under the Emergency Medical benefit. If you need to be medically transported in order to receive treatment, the transportation can be covered under the Medical Evacuation benefit.

Trip interruption can cover your lost expenses and return transportation if you return home early from your trip due to the illness. If you stay on the cruise, but your illness causes you to miss out on a prepaid, nonrefundable part of your trip, such as an excursion, you can be reimbursed for those expenses.

You will be required to provide documentation of your illness from a physician when you file a claim.