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Dec 9, 2022-Dec 9, 2023

Sales Trend Data:

Squaremouth’s Sales Trend Data shows a real-time view of traveler behavior, including how much they are spending on travel insurance, how much they are spending on their trips, and how long they are traveling for.

Dec 9, 2022-Dec 9, 2023

Sales Data

Average premium: $307.72
Average trip cost: $6,560.59
Average trip length: 16 Days
Squaremouth Analytics studies data from thousands of travel insurance policy sales to highlight the most notable industry trends. We analyze data on a daily basis to identify real-time shifts in traveler behavior and to reveal the most common traveler concerns in the current travel landscape.

Steven Benna, Marketing Manager and Lead Data Analyst at Squaremouth

Destination Data:

Squaremouth’s Destination Data shows a real-time view of where travelers are heading based on recent sales. We break this down by domestic vs. international travel, and by the most popular destinations overall.

Dec 9, 2022-Dec 9, 2023

Domestic vs. International

Destination % of Sales Average Trip Cost
Domestic 11.29% $4,006.21
International 88.71% $4,579.33


Dec 9, 2022-Dec 9, 2023

Top 10 Destinations

Destination Country % of Sales Average Trip Cost
United States 22.58% $4,006.21
Mexico 7.18% $2,562.27
Italy 6.48% $5,828.81
France 3.80% $4,631.74
Spain 3.49% $4,259.97
Canada 3.14% $2,852.42
Israel 3.12% $3,621.51
Japan 3.10% $4,469.49
United Kingdom 2.77% $4,169.52
Germany 2.22% $4,152.70


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Traveler Age Data:

Squaremouth’s Traveler Age Data shows a detailed breakdown of travelers based on their generation, detailing the market share of travelers in each age group and how much the average traveler in a select age group spends on their trips.

Dec 9, 2022-Dec 9, 2023

Traveler Share by Generation

Generations % of Sales Average Trip Cost / Traveler
Gen Alpha (born 2013 or later) 4.84% $1,278.87
Gen Z (born 1997 through 2012) 12.37% $1,870.79
Millennial (born 1981 through 1996) 19.30% $1,759.90
Gen X (born 1965 through 1980) 22.85% $2,287.51
Baby Boomers (born 1946 - 1964) 35.70% $3,061.89
Silent (born 1945 or before) 4.93% $3,178.78


Search Trend Data:

Squaremouth’s Search Trend Data breaks down what travelers are looking for when buying travel insurance policies. This is broken into two parts. The first provides a comparison of how many policies are purchased with Trip Cancellation vs. without Trip Cancellation. The second provides a detailed overview of the most popular travel insurance benefits by traveler search interest.

Dec 9, 2022-Dec 9, 2023

Cancellation vs Non-Cancellation

Policy Type % of Sales Average Premium Average Trip Length
Cancellation 68.84% $403.91 14 Days
Non-Cancellation 31.16% $96.52 20 Days


Dec 9, 2022-Dec 9, 2023

Top Quote Filter Usage

Filter Name % of All Searches % of All Policies
Coronavirus Pandemic 20.45% 14.04%
Emergency Medical 19.78% 11.71%
Medical Evacuation 14.94% 9.43%
Trip Interruption 13.07% 6.31%
Cancel For Any Reason 10.93% 4.12%
Primary Medical 10.01% 8.21%
Travel Delay 8.65% 4.06%
Pre-existing Medical 7.02% 4.21%
Cruise 5.29% 4.03%
Cancel For Medical 4.48% 2.81%


Customer Buying Trends:

Squaremouth’s Customer Buying Trends shows which travel insurance policies and providers are selected the most frequently.

Dec 9, 2022-Dec 9, 2023

Top-Selling Providers

  1. Trawick International
  2. Seven Corners
  3. Tin Leg
  4. Generali Global Assistance
  5. IMG
  6. Travel Insured International
  7. WorldTrips
  8. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection
  9. AXA Assistance USA
  10. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Dec 9, 2022-Dec 9, 2023

Top-Selling Policies

  1. Generali Global Assistance - Standard
  2. Seven Corners - Trip Protection Choice
  3. Tin Leg - Gold
  4. Travel Insured International - Worldwide Trip Protector
  5. IMG - iTravelInsured Travel SE
  6. Trawick International - Safe Travels First Class
  7. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company - Essential
  8. Seven Corners - Trip Protection Basic
  9. Trawick International - Safe Travels Explorer
  10. AXA Assistance USA - Platinum
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