Measles: Travel Insurance Coverage Available for Concerned Parents

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL February 23, 2015 – The measles virus has spread to 15 states, with most cases stemming from one of the most popular destinations in the world, Disneyland. While health officials urge travelers to get vaccinated, those with children too young may be concerned about exposing them to the contagious virus. Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, explains the coverage available for travelers concerned about contracting measles.

Travel Insurance for the Unvaccinated
Currently, all 21 providers and 129 products on provide coverage for travelers who are concerned about contracting the measles virus before or during their trip.

If a traveler contracts measles while on vacation, the Emergency Medical benefit covers hospitalization and treatment costs, while Medical Evacuation covers transportation costs to the nearest adequate medical facility. Under the Trip Cancellation benefit, travelers who contract the virus before their departure may be able to cancel their trip and receive reimbursement for the prepaid and nonrefundable trip expenses that went unused.

No Qualifications for Coverage
Despite the vaccination debate, travel insurance providers do not require travelers be vaccinated in order to be covered. Children as early as 14 days can be insured under a policy, 12 months before they are eligible for the measles vaccine.

Travel insurance benefits for measles will remain available unless the outbreak worsens, causing it to become declared as an epidemic or pandemic. At that point, some travel insurance providers may consider contracting it as foreseeable and exclude it from coverage under their policies.

“Travel insurance can’t make a traveler immune to measles,” says Squaremouth Director of Marketing, Megan Moncrief, “but it can offer peace of mind and financial support to travelers, especially parents, who are concerned about their young children contracting the contagious virus.”

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