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What is Medical Evacuation coverage?

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Short Answer
If a traveler is sick or injured while on their trip, Medical Evacuation coverage may cover the cost of transportation to the closest, most adequate medical facility.

More Detail
When a traveler is medically evacuated, they will be taken to the nearest adequate medical facility. Once stabilized, Medical Evacuation will cover the cost to take a traveler home, if a doctor deems it medically necessary. Some providers will offer to take an injured traveler to the hospital of their choice. Currently, MedJet Assist and Air Ambulance Card are the only two providers on our website who offer this.

Additionally, Repatriation is also included in the Medical Evacuation benefit. This will provide coverage to transport a deceased person’s remains back to their home city.

This coverage is subject to change at any time as conditions related to measles change.

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