Munich Shooting

Munich Shooting – HTH

Munich Shooting – HTH

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HTH – Munich Shooting Travel Insurance Coverage Position Statement

Posted: 07/25/2016

On Friday, July 22, 2016 a gunman shot and killed nine people in Munich, Germany and then himself. Travelers in Munich can anticipate tighter security measures in the vicinity of the Olympia shopping center while investigations into the attack are ongoing. Security may also be heightened given the ongoing and parallel threat posed from both lone wolf and more complex terrorist-style attacks linked to Islamist groups. As of 07/25/2016, this event has not been declared an act of terrorism. If it is declared an act of terrorism, these tragic events may meet the guidelines and requirements for coverage under certain HTH Worldwide travel medical plans and this position statement will be updated at that time.

HTH Worldwide has dedicated multilingual resources available 24/7 for members in [affected area] who are in need of medical care and assistance. For assistance during a medical emergency, please call our Global Health & Safety team at +1.610.254.8771

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