Winter Storm Caly: Too Late to Get Travel Insurance, Says Squaremouth

ST. PETERSBURG FL December 8, 2016 — Winter Storm Caly, the third named storm this winter, is expected to affect much of the country over the next week. Now that it has been named, travel insurance is no longer available for the Winter Storm Caly, says leading travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth.

“Often travelers don’t think about a winter storm affecting their trip until they see the forecast,” said Squaremouth spokesperson Rachael Taft. “Unfortunately, once a winter storm is named, it is too late to buy a policy with coverage for that storm.”

Travel insurance can help travelers when a winter storm causes delays — or worse, prevents them from taking their trip altogether. Those who purchased a policy before the storm was named can be covered for:

  • Extra expenses during a delay, such as meals and accommodations
  • Unused, prepaid and non-refundable expenses if they miss part of their trip
  • Additional transportation to catch up to their trip or return home
  • Their trip cost if they have to cancel due to the storm for a reason covered by the policy

Squaremouth established the Winter Storm Caly and Travel Insurance Information Center to explain coverage for the winter storm. The resource contains FAQs and official provider position statements for the storm.“While it is now too late to get coverage for Winter Storm

“While it is now too late to get coverage for Winter Storm Caly, fortunately most holiday travelers aren’t scheduled to depart for a couple more weeks,” said Taft. “Travelers may not anticipate bad weather at their home or destination, but winter storms can cause a domino effect, especially during the holidays when flights are at capacity.”