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Overall Rating
Overall Customer Rating 4.49

average on squaremouth 4.42 out of 5

9,752 policies sold
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HCC Medical Insurance Services General Information

General Information
HCC Medical Insurance Services
251 N. Illinois Street Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204
United States

Telephone: 800-605-2282
Fax: 317-262-2140
Why buy from HCC Medical Insurance Services?

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, international travel involves risk. You may arrive at your destination to find your luggage and personal items have disappeared. A personal emergency may necessitate your early return to your home country. A medical emergency may require hospitalization or even air evacuation. In most cases, your existing insurance will not provide adequate protection for these and other risks. Without appropriate travel insurance, you may be exposed to significant financial liability. HCC Medical Insurance Services have designed the Atlas Series to take the risks out of international travel, so you can have an enjoyable and productive trip.

Remember, you are only a few quick questions away from an instant quote from all the major travel insurance providers.

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For use with these products: Atlas International excl US, Atlas America incl US, Atlas MultiTrip incl US, Atlas MultiTrip excl US
Contact by Telephone
Customer Service Number: 800-605-2282
Hours of Operation:
Everyday, 24 hours per day

Claims Filing Number: 800-605-2282
Claims Hours of Operation:
Everyday, 24 hours per day
Contact by Email & Mail
Fax: 317-262-2140

Mail to:
HCC Medical Insurance Services

P.O. Box 2005

Farmington Hills
Emergency Assistance Numbers
24 Hour Emergency Assistance Numbers:
Inside USA 800-605-2282 (toll free)
Outside USA 317-262-2132 (collect call)
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