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Carry-on Baggage Size May Become Standard in the US

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According to eTurboNews, Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-IL) has submitted a bill that seeks to set one enforceable standard for all bags carried on board US commercial aircraft.  The Securing Carry-On Baggage Act, H.R. 2870, would create a universal size requirement for carry-0n bags instead of allowing each carrier to determine its own size requirements.  The current standards were established more than a decade ago, when passengers brought far fewer and different items on board with them.  Recently added luggage fees have drastically increased the amount of luggage being carried-on.

Standardizing the size of carry-on luggage will undoubtedly increase the amount of checked bags.  This makes comparing travel insurance even more important.  When getting a quote, look closely at the baggage delay and baggage & personal items loss coverage.

The baggage delay benefit is available after a set amount of time has passed from when the traveler was supposed to have their luggage.  Depending on the plan, this can be 12 or 24 hours.  Baggage delay will reimburse the cost of clothing, toiletries and other essential items that are needed while the traveler is without their luggage.  Each plan has specific limitations, always refer to the certificates of insurance for details.

The baggage & personal items loss coverage provides reimbursement for lost, stolen or damaged baggage and personal items.  Most plans have items that are excluded from this benefit, as well as limits per item and limits per policy, refer to the certificates of insurance for details.  The limits of baggage & personal items loss coverage might impact how a traveler packs or which bags the traveler chooses to check vs carry-on.

If The Securing Carry-On Baggage Act, H.R. 2870 does pass, then travelers should look more closely when deciding on a travel insurance plan.  Having a policy that provides baggage delay coverage after only 12 hours, and has high limits for baggage & personal items loss, will provide more value for  the traveler that needs to fly.