How Can I Get Trip Insurance? – Squaremouth Explains

How Can I Get Trip Insurance? – Squaremouth Explains

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Travelers today are facing a new layer of challenges, and more travelers than ever before are turning to travel insurance to protect themselves in case the unexpected occurs. If you’re considering travel insurance for your trip, it’s important to compare your options to make sure you find the best policy for your needs for the lowest possible price.

There are many different avenues to consider when searching for a travel insurance policy, including the following:

  • A travel insurance comparison site: Comparison sites, such as Squaremouth, help travelers search, compare, and buy trip insurance from most providers on the market. These sites will offer the widest variety of comprehensive policies, such as high medical policies, pre-existing condition coverage, or Cancel For Any Reason policies, among others, and will provide an unbiased recommendation to ensure you have the right coverage for your trip.
  • A travel insurance provider: Many travel insurance providers offer a variety of policies with different levels of coverage. Certain travelers will opt to purchase a policy directly from a travel insurance provider that they are comfortable with.
  • Your cruise line or travel supplier: Many cruise lines or travel suppliers offer travel insurance policies directly to their customers during the booking process. This is typically an opt-in or opt-out option. These policies are a very convenient option, and may provide the generic coverage a traveler is looking for, however it is still important to compare your options.
  • Your travel agent or booking site: Travel agents or travel booking sites will often partner with travel insurance providers or comparison sites to offer trip insurance directly to their customers at the time of purchase. Just like with travelers buying from cruise lines or travel suppliers, Squaremouth still recommends comparing to find the right policy for the best price.
  • Your credit card: Many credit cards include travel insurance as an added perk to attract travelers and provide built-in protection for cardholders spending money on trips. Most cards with travel insurance offer coverage primarily for cancellations, delays, and luggage, and some offer limited medical coverage. Depending on each traveler and their trip, this built-in coverage may be exactly what they need, or it may not provide the right benefits or coverage amounts.

How Does Squaremouth Help Travelers Find the Best Travel Insurance?

Squaremouth’s comparison engine helps travelers search, compare, and buy travel insurance online. Squaremouth has more than 100 policies available for comparison at any one time, and a multi-award-winning customer service team available daily to help every traveler find the best travel insurance for their trip.