Travel Insurance FAQ

How do I determine my trip cost?

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A common question that Squaremouth representatives are asked is “How do I determine my trip cost?”  In order to generate a quote for a travel insurance policy that includes trip cancellation coverage, travelers must enter their trip costs, comprised of any prepaid, nonrefundable expenses.

Examples of insurable trip costs include non-refundable accommodations, tickets, tours, or other travel-related reservations. The following are examples of costs that cannot be insured:

– Accommodations purchased after departure

– Post-departure transportation costs

– Gasoline

– Food and restaurant expenses

– Airline points or reward miles

Usually, a traveler can choose how much of the trip cost they wish to insure. This means that it is up to the travelers discrepancy as to whether or not they wish to underinsure their trip. However, for those wishing to include a “cancel for any reason” benefit or the “pre-existing conditions” waiver for many policies, travelers are required to insure the full trip cost. In order to ensure adequate insurance for desired benefits, it’s a good idea to carefully review certificate details or contact a licensed Squaremouth representative if unsure about a particular policy’s requirements.