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I am traveling with a group. Can we all be on the same policy?

I am traveling with a group. Can we all be on the same policy?

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Selecting the right travel insurance policy for multiple travelers can pose some unique challenges. While there are several policies available to accommodate multiple travelers, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1- All travelers must have the same travel dates
If one traveler departs a day early to meet the group, or another couple decides to extend their trip, they are considered to have a different travel itinerary. Any traveler who does not have the same travel dates as the rest of the group would need to purchase a separate policy. This is important because travel insurance policies are designed to cover travelers from the day they leave home until the day they return home. Not insuring the entire trip length may compromise their eligibility for benefits like trip cancellation and pre-existing condition coverage.

2 – Some policies restrict who can be listed on the same policy
Some providers will only allow certain travelers to be insured on the same policy. For example, one provider may require that travelers be spouses or dependent children in order to be insured on the same policy. Other providers might require all travelers to reside at the same address. However, there are several providers who do not have these restrictions.

3 – There may be differences in coverage between different states
While it is possible for travelers from different states to be insured on the same policy, they should keep in mind that some benefits may differ from state to state. The state in which each traveler resides will govern their coverage. The easiest way to determine benefit differences between states is to check the policy certificate. It will list any state exclusions or modifications.