Sample Emergency Evacuation Costs

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According to an article from International Travel News, the MedJet Assist website provided the following samples of what you’d have to pay, yourself, for emergency medically supervised evacuation transportation:

Transportation from Durban, South Africa, to Boston, $125,000, and from Rochester, Minnesota, to New York City, $16,000.

Most travel insurance plans provide cover for medical evacuation & repatriation.  This can refer to an ambulance ride, medical airlift, or even transporting remains back to the home country and city.  When selecting a plan, consider the location and type of travel that is to be covered.  International travel would typically result in a more expensive medical evacuation or repatriation.  Similarly, when the trip involves a cruise, medical transport from the ship to land will result in a higher cost than simply an ambulance ride.  Find the plan with the right amount of medical evacuation & repatriation for the specific trip, at the best value.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.