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Updated Statement from Travelex on the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

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Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  The following is a position statement from Travelex on the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Ash clouds from the volcanic eruption in Iceland have created a travel crisis in Europe and beyond. With more than 95,000 flight cancellations, travelers worldwide are affected by the backlog of delays.

For travelers who purchased a Travelex policy on or before April 14, 2010, the ash cloud travel disruptions are considered a covered reason due to weather. Coverage applies in the following areas for:  Travel Basic, Travel Select, Travel Max, TraveLite & Travel Plus.

The ongoing eruptions from the volcano over glacier Eyjafjallajokull is considered a known event therefore is not covered for travelers purchasing policies at this time. The volcano would need to settle, as determined by scientists, then re-erupt at a later time to be considered a new event by our underwriters.

Travelers would be eligible for coverage if they purchase the Cancel for Any Reason Pak on Travel Basic, Travel Select or Travel Max plans, provided travelers meet the upgrade purchase requirements.