Travel Insurance FAQ

What if Work Prevents Me from Taking My Vacation?

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Imagine requesting time off, getting it approved by the boss, and finalizing those well-deserved vacation plans only to find out that precious time off has been revoked.

When travelers have to cancel vacations after spending hefty amounts on travel arrangements, the loss can be disappointing. However, all is not lost with the right travel insurance benefits.

Some plans include a little-known benefit called “cancel for work reasons” that allows travelers to be reimbursed for 100% of trip costs if work prevents them from taking a trip. In order to cancel the trip, a traveler would typically have to provide a notarized statement from an officer at the company stating the previously approved time off had been revoked.

Plans can cover those who are self-employed when they have to take care of unavoidable work-related obligations. They may also cover cancellations due to military reassignments or revoked leave.

Travelers should read policy certificates carefully to ensure coverage is included and understand what is required upon cancellation.