What Travelers Need to Know About Trip Cancellation for Nemo

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Travel has come to a near standstill in many parts of the Northeast since thousands of flights have been cancelled in preparation for the arrival of Winter Storm Nemo.

Typically, when severe storms cause mass travel disruption, airlines find a way to compensate travelers for losses.

However, just because flights may be covered by airlines doesn’t mean other travel plans are accounted for.

Travel insurance comes into play when something like weather causes travelers to cancel vacations altogether.

Here is what travelers need to know about weather-related trip cancellation benefits:

– Reimbursement may be provided if travelers cancel their trip because the airline or other common carrier are unable to depart. The number of hours that the airline must be grounded to invoke this coverage varies among policies, usually 12, 24, or 48 hours.

– Some policies provide coverage if a natural disaster, like a blizzard, causes physical damage or power outages at a traveler’s home or accommodations at the destination.

– Inclement weather is the most generous definition for weather coverage. It allows travelers to claim a loss if a flight is cancelled or delayed without a specified amount of downtime.

– Travelers are not covered to cancel a trip because of a concern or fear of bad weather