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If Domestic Trips Are the New Future of Travel, Why Buy Travel Insurance?

If Domestic Trips Are the New Future of Travel, Why Buy Travel Insurance?

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. June 19, 2020 — For the first time, travel insurance comparison site, reports travelers are insuring more domestic trips than international trips.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Domestic Travel 

  • reveals a 90% decrease in international travelers throughout the remainder of this year, compared to only a 5% decrease in the number of domestic travelers. 
  • Domestic trips now comprise 57% of all insured travel throughout 2020, compared to just 12.3% in 2019.

In response to this major shift in traveler behavior, shares three tips for buying travel insurance for domestic trips.

Don’t Pay For More Medical Coverage

Most US health insurance providers can cover emergency medical expenses for travelers remaining in the US, but require a deductible to be paid upfront. Rather than shelling this out, it can be more affordable for travelers to buy a travel insurance policy with minimal medical benefits – just enough to cover their deductible.

Cancellation Coverage Can Protect Trip Investments

As travel returns, it is unlikely suppliers will continue to offer widespread refunds. With travelers spending 54% more on domestic trips this year, a cancellation style travel insurance policy can provide coverage to cancel a trip, protecting this expensive investment.

Cancel for Any Reason Covers COVID-19 Concerns

If travelers have concerns that can’t be covered by a standard policy, such as travel restrictions or fear of traveling due to COVID-19, they should consider Cancel for Any Reason coverage. This upgrade allows travelers to cancel their trip 2-3 days prior to departure for any reason and provides a 75% refund of their insured trip cost. 

In response to evolving traveler behavior and concerns, Squaremouth launched “USA Only”, with their proprietary brand, Tin Leg. Designed to be an affordable option for US travelers, the product includes domestic cancellation coverage with minimal medical benefits. 

Methodology: Data is based on travel insurance policies purchased through after March 13, 2020, for travel through December 31, 2020. Statistics reflect year-over-year changes unless otherwise noted.


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