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2019 Travel Projections: Squaremouth’s 5 Biggest Predictions of Traveler Behavior

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ST. PETERSBURG Fla. January 10, 2019 — Political unrest, new international travel requirements and cruise industry innovation will impact traveler behavior in 2019, reports travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth. Based on customer data, Squaremouth reveals the 5 biggest traveler behavior projections expected in 2019.

Squaremouth’s 2019 Travel Projections

Prediction: More Travelers Will Need to Insure Their International Trips

As tourism continues to surge worldwide, more countries are requiring travelers have travel insurance in order to cross their borders in 2019.

  • Squaremouth has seen a 24% increase in travel insurance purchases for trips in 2019 compared to last year
  • Travelers are buying more policies specifically with Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation coverage for international trips
  • Squaremouth predicts the number of travelers insuring their international trips in 2019 will continue to increase as more countries adopt stricter travel insurance requirements

Prediction: U.S. Travelers Will Favor North America

U.S. residents continue to prefer travel within North America in 2019, which may be a result of terrorist attacks and safety threats abroad.

  • Squaremouth predicts that the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will continue to be the most popular destinations for U.S. travelers in 2019
  • Squaremouth expects Canada to continue to be a top destination for Gen X, Boomers, and travelers who are above 75, after having year-over-year growth rates of 45%, 61%, and 71%, respectively

Prediction: Millennials Will Spend More on Trips

Older generations continue to take the most expensive vacations, but Millennials are spending more on trips than ever before.

  • The average trip cost for Millennials has increased by 7% from last year, while trip costs for older generations has decreased on average by 3%
  • Squaremouth predicts Millennial travelers will spend more on their trips in 2019 than they have in more than 8 years, with an average cost surpassing $2,000 per traveler

Prediction: More Travelers Will Want to Cancel Trips For Any Reason

Political unrest in 2018, such as the riots in Paris, have more travelers wanting the option to cancel their trips for reasons not typically covered by standard travel insurance policies.

  • The number of travelers upgrading their travel insurance policy with the Cancel For Any Reason benefit has increased by 8% for trips in 2019
  • With the U.S. government shutdown already affecting travel nationwide this year, Squaremouth expects interest in the Cancel For Any Reason benefit to remain top of mind for travelers
  • Squaremouth predicts that traveler interest in Cancel For Any Reason coverage will surpass top benefits such as Terrorism and Cancel For Medical Reasons in 2019

Prediction: Cruises Will Be More Popular Than Ever

With cruise lines offering more tailored trip options than ever, travelers of all ages are choosing to spend their vacations aboard cruises.

  • Squaremouth continues to see an increase in cruise popularity year-over-year, which has increased by 25% over last year and more than tripled in the past 5 years
  • As cruise lines continue to increase their offerings, Squaremouth predicts that cruise travel will remain a top vacation option in 2019
  • Squaremouth expects that Boomers and travelers 70+ will make up the majority of cruisers this year, followed closely by Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z

Methodology: Data is based on travel insurance policies for trips with travel dates in 2019 purchased through Squaremouth before 1/8/2019. Statistics reflect year-over-year changes unless otherwise noted.

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