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Travel Insurance Claims Advice if Irma Ruins Your Trip

Travel Insurance Claims Advice if Irma Ruins Your Trip

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ST. PETERSBURG FL September 5, 2017 — Hurricane Harvey forced more travelers to cancel their trips than any other single event this year, according to claims data from travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth. With powerful Hurricane Irma approaching the Caribbean, Squaremouth expects even more claims for trip cancellations.

As Hurricane Irma begins to halt travel through several Caribbean destinations and parts of Florida, Squaremouth explains when travel insurance can refund travelers if Hurricane Irma ruins their trip.

Travel Insurance Claims Advice for Hurricane Irma Flight Cancellations

Travel insurance policies with Trip Cancellation coverage can refund a traveler’s entire trip cost if weather causes a lengthy delay or outright cancellation. In order for a traveler to be refunded, they must have bought a policy before Irma was named on August 30th.

If Irma causes flight cancellations that force a traveler to cancel their trip, Squaremouth recommends they keep a copy of their original itinerary, and obtain a statement from their airline or an updated itinerary substantiating the cancellation.

Travel Insurance Claims Advice if Your Destination is Hit by Hurricane Irma

Caribbean islands are some of the most popular destinations for U.S. travelers, according to Squaremouth sales data. With Irma moving through the Caribbean, travelers may be covered to cancel their trip if their destination is in the storm’s path.

Travel insurance can refund travelers who cancel their trip if there is a mandatory evacuation at their destination, or if their hotel is uninhabitable. Squaremouth recommends travelers provide documentation, such as a local news story announcing the evacuation or a statement from their hotel, proving they couldn’t travel.

Squaremouth created the Hurricane Irma and Travel Insurance Information Center with up-to-date information for travelers whose trips are affected by the storm, including answers to FAQs and statements from travel insurance providers. The information center will be updated by Squaremouth’s team of travel insurance experts as events unfold.

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