Where Travelers are Heading in 2021, According to Squaremouth

Where Travelers are Heading in 2021, According to Squaremouth

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. March 5, 2021 — The Covid-19 pandemic has created new challenges and concerns for travelers. As a result, we’ve seen a significant change throughout the travel landscape, including a major shift in where US travelers are booking trips. Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, breaks down where travelers are heading in 2021.

Island Countries Surge in Popularity

The rise in travel to island destinations proves US residents are still willing to leave the country amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Countries that have remained open throughout the pandemic have seen a significant surge in travel,” says Squaremouth Lead Data Analyst, Steven Benna. “This includes countries that have never been among our most popular destinations for US travelers, such as Turks and Caicos and the US Virgin Islands.”

The Most Popular International Countries

International DestinationPercent of TravelersYear-Over-Year Growth
Costa Rica6.3%+89%
Turks and Caicos4.4%+536%
US Virgin Islands2.3%+137%
Dominican Republic1.8%+14%

Europe is No Longer the Top Region

  • Only about 8% of Squaremouth sales so far in 2021 are for trips to Europe, compared to a historical rate above 30%
  • The percent of travelers buying insurance for domestic trips has nearly tripled to 30%
  • The percent of travelers going on Caribbean trips has surpassed 20%, nearly double the pre-pandemic rate

Historically, travelers going to Europe have comprised the largest share of travel insurance sales, typically ranging from 25% to 45%. In 2021, the share of travelers buying travel insurance for trips to Europe has dropped to 8%.

On the other hand, the percent of travelers buying insurance for domestic trips and Caribbean trips has spiked.

The US now comprises roughly 30% of sales through Squaremouth.com, the most of any region, compared to about 11% before the pandemic. At the height of the pandemic, domestic travel peaked around 57%.

The share of travelers buying travel insurance for trips to Caribbean destinations now accounts for roughly 20% of policies purchased through Squaremouth.com this year, an increase from about 12%.

Methodology: Squaremouth.com hosts the largest number of travel insurance providers and policies that offer coverage related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Squaremouth Analytics has compared thousands of travel insurance policies purchased pre-and-post-pandemic to identify changes and trends in travel insurance.

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