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CSA Position Statement on Winter Storm Khan

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Travel insurance providers often release position statements to identify how coverage applies to current events, most commonly when storms are named. The following is a position statements from the travel insurance provider,CSA:

Winter Storm Khan
Winter storm Khan is moving through the southeast and mid-Atlantic states today, and the National Weather Service forecast predicts that the storm will move into the Northeast.  The storm is predicted to bring treacherous road conditions and complicated commutes.  Ice storm warnings have been issued in southern Kentucky and eastern Tennessee, and winter weather advisories spanned at least 12 states from Indiana to New Jersey.  Freezing rain advisories were also issued for northern Georgia.  Customers are strongly encouraged to read their Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy for details regarding their available coverage.  For plans that do offer coverage for adverse weather and natural disasters, please note that there is no coverage for this specific storm under any plans purchased on or after Friday, January 25, 2013.  Please contact CSA Travel Protection with questions.