Is travel insurance designed primarily for senior citizen travelers?

Is travel insurance designed primarily for senior citizen travelers?

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Travel insurance is designed to provide coverage for unforeseen situations and emergencies that can happen to any traveler, regardless of age.

While many people believe travel insurance was built specifically to cover older travelers, this is a misconception. Policies are not built to cover traveler’s based on their age. Rather, they are built to provide coverage in the event an unforeseen situation impacts a trip.

In fact, the most common benefits included within a travel insurance policy can be relevant for travelers of all ages. These benefits include coverage for trip cancellations and interruptions, medical emergencies, travel delays, and lust luggage.

Does age have any impact on travel insurance?

The biggest impact age has on a travel insurance policy is the price of the policy. The age of the travelers included within the policy is one of the primary factors that determines a price of a policy, in addition to the total trip cost and the length of the trip. While each provider calculates their prices differently based on their target demographic, in general, a policy is more expensive for an older traveler.

Who buys the most travel insurance?

Although travel insurance isn’t specifically designed for senior citizens, they do buy the most travel insurance of any demographic. Since the start of 2019, travelers above the age of 60 buy more than 40% of all travel insurance policies, according to Squaremouth sales data. These travelers also spend the most money on their trips, and travel for the longest periods of time.

How Does Squaremouth Help Travelers Find the Best Travel Insurance?

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