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Travelex Travel Insurance Position Statement on the Nairobi Mall Attack

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Travelex Travel Insurance

Released: 9/23/2013

For travelers who purchased a Travelex travel protection prior to September 21, 2013, Terrorist Act coverage will be in effect with regards to the recent mall attack occurring in Nairobi. Coverage will apply to travelers who are currently in, or are scheduled to travel to this destination, provided the Terrorist Act occurs within 30 days of your scheduled departure date. Trip Cancellation benefits allow affected travelers to cancel their trip prior to departure and be reimbursed for the pre-paid, nonrefundable components they insured. For travelers who are currently in the affected areas, Trip Interruption will help reimburse for the unused portion of the trip that was missed due to having to return home early as well as any additional transportation costs to return the traveler home before they were originally scheduled to. Emergency Medical coverage will also apply for those travelers currently on their trip and needing medical treatment as a result of the attacks. If you have any further questions regarding the events surrounding Nairobi, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-228-9792, M-F 8am – 7pm CT.