Brytton Anderson

Call Center Manager

Kasara Barto

PR Manager

Steven Benna

Content Director

Jessica Burns


Robbie Burns

Product Development Manager

Cheri Cummings

Claims Adjuster

Anna Gernandt

Director of Design & UX

Nikki Gernandt

Front-End Developer

Aidan Harvey


Chris Harvey


Andrew Henning-Kolberg

Software Engineer

Dave Huffman

Software Engineer

Macy McNaughton

Office Manager

Megan Moncrief


Mark Myers

DevOps Engineer

Iryna Nikitenko

Product Development Assistant

Andi Oates

Director of Partner Integrations

Matt Outten


Kosha Patel

Software Engineer

Emily Phinney

Project Manager

Amanda Puff

Software Engineer

Adam Rusin

Claims Adjuster

Gale Shafer

Software Engineer

Nate Spielman

Software Engineer

Chris Wenner

Project Manager / DevOps Engineer

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