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Cruisers often consider travel insurance to protect their financial investment, and to protect themselves while at sea. A cruise insurance policy will provide comprehensive coverage for travelers for the duration of their trip, including trip cost protection, high medical benefits, and other coverage tailored to cruisers.

Covid-19 Cruise Insurance

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, cruises were completely halted. Now, many travelers are eager to plan and book their next cruises. As cruise lines have started sailing again, some require unvaccinated travelers to purchase a specific amount of medical coverage in order to board the ship.

Royal Caribbean requires unvaccinated travelers to have $25,000 in Emergency Medical coverage and $50,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage.

Carnival Cruise Line requires unvaccinated travelers to have $10,000 in Emergency Medical coverage and $20,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage.

Disney Cruise Line requires travelers departing from Florida to have $10,000 in Emergency Medical coverage and $30,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage.

Most policies on Squaremouth.com meet or exceed these requirements. Squaremouth will help you search for cruise-specific policies to ensure you find the coverage you need.

Cruising During Hurricane Season

Cruising is especially popular during the summer months. Unfortunately, this coincides with hurricane season, making cruise trips especially vulnerable to weather-related cancellations.

The Hurricane & Weather benefit can reimburse a traveler in the event they need to cancel their cruise due to severe weather, including a storm at their destination, or inclement weather that causes a significant delay or prevents them from reaching their port of departure altogether. Every policy on Squaremouth.com with Trip Cancellation coverage includes coverage for Hurricane & Weather.

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Protection Before the Cruise

Booking a cruise can be a significant expense, and one short delay can jeopardize the entire trip. With the steady threat of severe weather in popular cruise destinations and other outside factors that may disrupt a cruise, like the Covid-19 pandemic, many travelers turn to travel insurance to protect the money they spent.

With cruise insurance, travelers can be reimbursed for all of their trip expenses under the Trip Cancellation benefit if they are unable to make their cruise for a covered reason, such as severe weather or an illness, injury, or death. Travelers who are looking for the most possible flexibility within their policy may be able to upgrade their policy to include the Cancel For Any Reason benefit.

Protection While at Sea

Many travelers are unaware of the increased cost of medical treatment on a cruise ship. Even the diagnosis and treatment of routine medical conditions, such as an upper respiratory infection, can cost thousands of dollars onboard a cruise ship. In the event an evacuation to the nearest port is needed, the medical costs can be significantly higher.

Travelers who are concerned about a medical emergency during their cruise may look to buy a comprehensive cruise travel insurance policy with the Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation benefits. This coverage is especially important for travelers whose primary health insurance does not extend outside of the U.S., or whose cruises are traveling to a remote location. Certain policies can also cover Pre-Existing Conditions.

Selecting the Best Cruise Insurance

Selecting the best cruise insurance policy can mean saving thousands of dollars. The best policies will have comprehensive benefits for cancellations and medical emergencies, in addition to other coverage. This includes:

Trip Cancellation: This benefit can reimburse a traveler’s prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses, including their airfare, cruise, excursions, and tours.

Hurricane & Weather: Most policies with Trip Cancellation coverage include built-in coverage for Hurricane & Weather.

Emergency Medical: Because of the increased cost of treating routine medical conditions onboard, Squaremouth recommends travelers cruisers buy a policy with at least $100,000 in Emergency Medical.

Medical Evacuation: Due to the potential for an evacuation from the ship, cruisers should buy a policy with at least $250,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage.

In addition to coverage for cancellations and medical emergencies, the best policies will also include benefits for travel delay, missed connections, and luggage, among others. Select policies also include Itinerary Change coverage, which can reimburse travelers for missed events if their travel supplier changes their itinerary.

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