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Consumer Caution: 3 Surprisingly Common Travel Nightmares That Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Consumer Caution: 3 Surprisingly Common Travel Nightmares That Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla June 5, 2018 – Many travelers spend a lot of time and money on their vacations but one small issue can unravel even the most well-thought-out travel plans. Leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, warns of the three surprisingly common travel nightmares that travel insurance doesn’t cover.

The Tour or Ticket Scam

Highly discounted, non-refundable tours or tickets, such as a safari excursion or Super Bowl ticket, can sometimes be fraudulent. However, travelers aren’t aware until it’s too late. Travel insurance does not provide coverage for travelers who are scammed with fake tickets by a fraudulent company.

When Travelers Can Be Covered: If a legitimate company falls into financial trouble, some travel insurance policies can pay travelers back if they are forced to cancel their trip because of their travel supplier’s complete suspension of operations.

The Last Minute Change of Plan

Travel suppliers such as cruise lines and bus tour companies occasionally change plans which can affect travelers’ itinerary or excursions. Travel insurance does not include any coverage for an arbitrary last minute change in plans by the travel supplier.

When Travelers Can Be Covered: Depending on the circumstances, a travel insurance policy may pay travelers back if their cruise ship or bus tour is forced to return early because of bad weather or mechanical failure. This coverage would fall under the Trip Interruption benefit, which can pay travelers back if they miss portions of their trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Less Than Ideal Conditions

Some travelers may specifically plan their vacation for a certain activity such as hiking in a national park or skiing at a luxury ski resort. These activities may require specific conditions for the best experience, however, travel insurance does not provide coverage if, for example, less than ideal weather conditions prevent the traveler from doing their planned activity.

When Travelers Can Be Covered: If travelers have specific concerns that they know won’t be covered, such as a poor weather forecast for their upcoming trip, they should consider the upgraded Cancel For Any Reason coverage which can allow them to cancel their trip without providing a reason.

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