2016 Fall Travel Trends: Squaremouth Reveals Travel Insurance Insights

Published by Steven Benna August 30, 2016

ST. PETERSBURG, FL August 30, 2016 — Leading travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth details notable trends among Americans traveling this fall.

Where are Americans traveling this fall?

Fall Travel Sees Greatest Growth Among Alternative Destinations

  • 149% increase in Americans insuring trips to Cuba this fall as commercial flights are set to begin
  • 80% decrease in travelers insuring fall trips to Turkey following continued unrest
  • 73% boost in travelers insuring fall trips to Spain, replacing France as the third most popular international destination
  • 80% rise in travelers insuring trips to South Africa, the greatest growth among the top 20 most popular international destinations

Most Popular International Destinations for Fall Travel

Top 5 International Destinations

1. Italy (+25%)
2. Mexico (+23%)
3. Spain (+73%)
4. France (-3.9%)
5. Canada (+32%)

Popular Destinations* With Greatest Growth

1. South Africa (+80%)
2. Spain (+73%)
3. Japan (+43%)
4. Portugal (+38%)
5. Greece, Australia (+33%)

Numbers indicate percentage change in total travelers compared to the previous year
*Among the top 20 international destinations this fall

What are travelers concerned about this fall?

Interest in Terrorism Coverage More Than Doubles

  • 127% more customers searching specifically for terrorism coverage when purchasing a policy
  • The number of travelers using Squaremouth’s “Terrorism” filter to buy policies for Germany, Italy and Spain more than doubled compared to last fall

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Growing Interest in Coverage for Hurricane Season

  • 61% more customers searching specifically for hurricane coverage when buying a policy
  • The number of travelers using Squaremouth’s “Hurricane & Weather” filter to buy policies for Mexico and the Cayman Islands more than doubled compared to last fall

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Who is traveling this fall?

Baby Boomers Dominate Fall Travel

  • 20% more travelers are insuring fall travel than last year
  • 53% of Squaremouth customers traveling this fall are baby boomers, higher than spring and summer
  • Retirees take the longest fall trips with an average of 17 days, while families with children take the shortest, averaging 10 days

Older Travelers Prefer Europe, Younger Travelers Stay Closer to Home

  • Older travelers favor Europe for fall travel, with Italy and Spain at the top of the list for travelers aged 65+
  • Travelers under 50 favor tropical locations, with Mexico and Bahamas topping their fall destinations
  • France and Spain fall out of top 5 international destinations for families with children

How much are Americans spending on fall travel?

Americans Spending More on Fall Trips Overall

  • On average, Americans are spending $2,836 per person to travel this fall — higher than summer travel — with retirees spending the most, an average of $3,420 per person
  • The average total cost of a trip this fall is $8,040, 5.7% higher than last fall
  • Average spending to the top 5 international destinations has decreased slightly from last fall, except for Mexico, where spending increased 6%

All data is based on American travelers insured on travel insurance policies purchased through Squaremouth prior to 8/23/16 for travel during 9/10/16-11/30/16. Travelers who are visiting multiple countries only have to enter one destination when purchasing a policy on Squaremouth.com. This report represents the destinations selected by travelers. Statistics reflect changes from the same period in 2015 unless otherwise noted.

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