Thanksgiving Travel: Insurance Will Not Cover Security Delays, Warns Squaremouth

Published by Carolyn Leckie November 2, 2016

ST. PETERSBURG, FL November 2, 2016 — A record number of travelers are expected to fly this Thanksgiving, which means security lines will be at their longest. Travel insurance will not cover travelers who miss their flights due to security delays, cautions leading travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth.

Most travel insurance policies include the Travel Delay benefit. This coverage is most commonly triggered by the delay of a “common carrier” — such as a delay by the airline due to inclement weather or a mechanical issue. This benefit can also cover a missed flight, but it has to be for a covered reason.

Travel insurance policies include a list of “hazards” that are covered if they cause a delay during your trip. If you miss your flight for a reason that is not listed, such as a lengthy security wait, it will not be covered.

When am I covered for a missed flight?
The covered reasons for missing a flight vary by policy but may include:

  • Lost or stolen passport, travel documents, or money
  • Traffic accident
  • Quarantine
  • Terrorism or hijacking
  • Natural disaster
  • Road closure due to severe weather or documented weather condition that prevents you from getting to the airport

“Travel delays are one of the most common claims during the holidays,” said Squaremouth spokesperson Rachael Taft. “Travel insurance can cover your expenses and help you get on with your trip in many of these situations, but even insured travelers need to plan ahead for longer security lines.”