Standard Single Trip Policies

  • The most popular and comprehensive travel insurance coverage
  • Provide medical, cancellation, and delay benefits, among others
  • Designed to cover trips up to 90 days
Single Trip Policies

Annual / Multi Trip Policies

  • Built for travelers taking multiple trips in a 12-month period
  • Include generous travel medical insurance benefits
  • Cover other concerns, like delays and luggage
Annual Policies

Cruise Insurance Policies

  • High medical benefits built specifically for cruisers
  • Offer protection for cruise duration, on land and at sea
  • Trip cost coverage for cruise cancellations
Cruise Insurance

Adventure & Sports Policies

  • Essential for travelers partaking in high-risk activities
  • Includes protection for sports equipment and fees
  • Strong cancellation and medical coverage
Adventure Policies

Compare Plans From the Best Providers

The best travel insurance plans offer much more beyond trip protection. When searching for a policy, consider everything from coverage to cost.


The best policies are comprehensive, typically including the following benefits:

Cancellations: protects 100% of prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses.

Medical emergencies: refunds the cost of medical treatment and an evacuation, if necessary.

Travel delays: reimburses meal and hotel expenses if your flight is significantly delayed.

Luggage: covers the purchase of essential items and the cost of lost luggage.

Many policies may also include other more specific coverages, with benefits for accidental death and dismemberment, rental cars, pre-existing conditions, and identity theft, among others.


While policies typically include many of the same benefits, some offer higher coverage amounts. Higher premiums don’t always mean more or better coverage, as premiums are calculated based on each provider’s target demographic. Always compare premiums to find a policy that includes the benefits you need for the lowest price.

Customer Support

From travel assistance services to filing a claim, the best plans are backed by insurance providers that offer a superior traveler experience - before, during, or after your trip.

All policies offered on Squaremouth include 24-Hour Assistance and are backed by financially stable insurance companies with an AM Best Rating of “Excellent” or higher.

Travel Insurance FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from travelers like you.

Who Needs Travel Insurance?

Travelers should consider buying insurance if they want to protect themselves financially from unforeseen events that may impact their travel plans. Many Americans and U.S. residents purchase travel insurance when planning international travel or high cost trips. Some destinations may require proof of travel insurance that lasts for the duration of your stay.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Comprehensive travel insurance is designed to cover common disruptions that may impact a trip. Most policies will provide coverage for trip cancellations, medical emergencies, travel delays, missed connections, and lost luggage. Travelers that experience financial loss as a result of a covered disruption may be eligible for reimbursement through their insurance policy.

How Much Does a Policy Usually Cost?

The cost of a policy depends on four primary factors: trip cost, traveler age, trip length, and coverage amounts. In general, a comprehensive policy with Trip Cancellation typically costs between 5% and 10% of the total trip cost. However, a policy without an insured trip cost will be significantly less expensive.

What Should I Look for When Comparing Travel Insurance?

There’s no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to travel insurance. When comparing plans, you should consider the following:

  • Benefits: Travel insurance benefits outline what situations are covered under each plan. Make sure each plan you’re considering includes coverage for what’s important to you.
  • Coverage Limits: Plans will set limits to how much reimbursement you’re eligible for, and can vary significantly. Higher coverage limits can result in less out of pocket expenses in the event of a claim.
  • Exclusions: Travel insurance companies will list specific activities, equipment, and scenarios that are not covered by their plans in the event of a claim.
  • Premium: Higher priced insurance products do not always equate to better coverage. We recommend choosing the most affordable plan that offers the travel protection you need.
  • Provider Reputation: All providers on Squaremouth have been carefully vetted and offer best-in-class travel plans. Customers are also encouraged to share honest reviews about their experience before, during, and after their trips.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Policy?

The best time to buy depends on the coverage a traveler needs. Trip Cancellation policies can be purchased up until the day before they leave. However, only unforeseen events can be covered, so we recommend travelers who want cancellation benefits buy as soon as possible. Travelers who primarily want travel health insurance during their trip can buy anytime up until the day before they leave.

How Does Travel Insurance Work?

Trip insurance is designed to protect travelers in case something goes wrong that impacts their trip. This includes financial reimbursement if their trip is canceled before they depart, as well as medical benefits, travel delay coverage, and other benefits that can cover them while they are traveling.

Where Can I Buy Travel Insurance?

Travelers can purchase travel insurance directly from providers, through a comparison site like Squaremouth, or directly through a travel supplier when booking. Credit cards and travel agents are other sources to consider. Travel insurance prices are regulated by law, meaning the price of one specific policy must be the same regardless of where it is sold, whether it’s purchased from Squaremouth or directly from the provider.

Can I Get a Refund if My Trip is Canceled or Postponed?

A trip being canceled or disrupted is the main reason most travelers buy travel insurance. If you are forced to cancel your trip, travel insurance may refund your losses, as long as the reason for the cancellation is covered within your policy. Learn more about what can be covered and how to file a travel insurance claim.

Does Travel Medical Insurance Cover International Travel?

In many cases, primary health care plans, such as Medicare or a policy you have through your employer, are not accepted overseas. If you’re not covered, you may be responsible for unforeseen medical expenses if you get sick or injured while traveling.

To avoid costly out-of-pocket medical care expenses, many travelers opt for travel health insurance. Exclusions and coverage limits will vary from one plan to the next. Those traveling with pre-existing medical conditions should find plans that specifically include Pre-Existing Condition coverage.

Trusted Travel Insurance Partner of
Reimburses prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses in the event you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason, such as an illness, injury, or natural disasters, among others.
Optional add-on that offers the most cancellation flexibility and can reimburse up to 75% of trip expenses if you need to cancel for a reason not otherwise covered by your plan.
Offers travel medical protection for injuries and illnesses that occur during a trip, such as hospital bills, physician services, and medical evacuations.
Covers the cost of meals and accommodations during travel delays, as well as additional transportation costs if a connecting flight is missed.
Reimburses toiletries, clothes, and other necessities if your bags are delayed, lost, or damaged during your trip.
Provides reimbursement for unused trip expenses if you need to end your trip early for a covered reason, as well as additional transportation expenses to return home.
Learn more about all travel insurance benefits and coverages.

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